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A gateway to a dynamic advertising platform designed for businesses and individuals seeking to promote their products, services, or messages. With a vast global reach worldwide, they offer unmatched opportunities to connect with a diverse audience eager to engage with your content.


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Choose from multiple ad formats including banners, carousel ads, and video ads to engage your audience effectively.

Truth Social offers versatile advertising options tailored to meet diverse campaign objectives. Advertisers can select from various formats including banners, carousel ads, and video ads to suit their messaging needs. Targeting capabilities allow precise audience segmentation based on location, device type, and user interests.

Advanced scheduling features empower advertisers to set specific times and days for ad visibility, optimising campaign efficiency. Robust analytics provide comprehensive insights into ad performance, enabling continuous refinement and improved ROI tracking

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  • Choose from diverse ad formats including banners, carousel ads, and video ads.
  • Precisely target your audience based on location, device type, and user interests.
  • Control when your ads are displayed with advanced scheduling options.
  • Utilise robust analytics to track ad performance and optimise campaign effectiveness.

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Leverage different ad types

Create a bespoke ad campaign to hit your target audience at all relevant opportunities

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Adjust the size and targeting of static image ads

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Utilise video for an immersive ad campaign


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