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X offers a robust advertising platform for businesses and individuals looking to promote their products, services, or messages. Reach 330 million monthly active user worldwide.


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Allow X's powerful advertising algorithm to reach your exact audience

X’s advertising model leverages a vast global audience, allowing advertisers to target users with precision based on demographics and interests. Multiple ad formats, including video, cater to diverse marketing goals. Advertisers gain insights through X Analytics, fostering data-driven campaigns.

Uncommon Ad Space will build and bespoke your campaign for maximum results. 

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  • Promoted Tweets: allow advertisers to boost the visibility of their tweets, reaching a broader audience. These tweets can include text, images, videos and links.
  • Video Ads: X supports video ads, enabling advertisers to share compelling visual content with the platform’s extensive user base.
  • In-Show Reads and Pre-Rolls: For podcast advertising, in-show reads and pre-rolls provide opportunities for advertisers to integrate their messages seamlessly into podcast content.

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Canada 84%

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Leverage all of X's different ad types

Create a bespoke ad campaign to hit your target audience at all relevant opportunities

In feed display ads

Adjust the size and targeting of static image ads

Video Ads

Utilise video for an immersive ad campaign

Podcast and Show Sponsorship

Align your ads with the most relevant content creators


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