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The Critic stands as a staunch advocate against today’s conformist and potentially harmful consensus that deems critical voices unsettling, offensive, and disrespectful. Our mission isn’t about provocation or stirring controversy but striving for a clearer path to truth. Explore various advertising opportunities in the printed magazine to engage with our discerning readership


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Explore various advertising opportunities in their printed magazine

Advertising in The Critic’s printed magazine offers a unique opportunity to reach a sophisticated and engaged audience interested in rigorous intellectual discourse and insightful commentary. Edited by Christopher Montgomery, The Critic challenges prevailing narratives with thought-provoking content that encourages critical thinking and open debate.

The printed magazine provides advertisers with a prestigious platform to connect with over 34k discerning readers. Whether you’re promoting a luxury brand, a cultural institution, or a thought leadership campaign, our publication ensures your message reaches an audience that values intellectual honesty and thoughtful analysis.

Flexible digital advertising solutions, including banner ads, sponsored articles, and targeted placements, designed to enhance visibility and engagement. Partner with The Critic to reach their influential online audience and amplify your brand’s presence in a respected publication committed to editorial integrity and intellectual inquiry.

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  • Printed Magazine:
    • Full-page spreads available.
    • Ideal for luxury brands and thought leadership.
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    • Banner ads and sponsored articles.
    • Reach readers interested in politics and culture.

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Ideal for luxury brands and thought leadership.


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